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eUsahawaneCommerceExport via eCommerce
Digital marketing training courses aimed at helping businesses enhance their digital presence. Register now to browse our course catalogue.
eUsahawan Scale-Up
Advanced eUsahawan courses focused on strengthening sales strategies and business processes.
Note: Application is only open to selected participants based on their business performance and reporting.
eUsahawan Level-Up
An intensive 6-month program with personal mentoring and coaching, targeted at preparing for e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce (export).
Note: Application is only open to selected participants based on their business performance and reporting.
eCommerce Marketplace Onboarding
Onboarding program to match businesses with suitable marketplace partners that can help bring your product/service to wider audiences.
Digital Free Trade Zone

The DFTZ platform is aimed at driving local businesses towards regional and global export.

eTRADE Programme

eTRADE is a programme implemented by MATRADE to promote the adoption of eCommerce among Malaysian companies to accelerate exports through participation of leading international eMarketplaces


Discover a wide range of online marketplaces where you can get your product/service listed.

Beginner's Guide to Exporting

Exporting is a tremendous learning experience for those who are open to its lessons. Before venturing into export, companies should consider Production, Financial, Human Resource, Marketing, Export Requirements and Legal regulations. MATRADE has developed an in-depth beginner’s guide for exporting, learn more here.

Tips to Exporting

To understand the basic fundamentals of export management, MATRADE has provided easy-to-understand tips to exporting. Go here.

Trade Agreements

To venture into export, there is a need to understand ion the export requirements of various markets and to adapt the products to meet these requirements in the other economies globally. MATRADE has prepared extensive information on understanding free trade agreements, click here to learn more.

Trade Statistics
Did you know that Singapore, China and USA is the top 3 countries Malaysia exports to? Learn more on the Top 10 Major Export Products and Top 10 Major Export Countries from MATRADE’s Trade Statistics.